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Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations are required?

  • Rabies

  • Bordetella

  • DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza, and Parvovirus.)

  • Dogs should be free of fleas and ticks

Where will my dog sleep?

  • They will be able to sleep anywhere they would like and on any of our three floor town home. Couch, our bed, or even with the kids, we allow them anywhere they please. 

  • If your pup is accustomed to sleeping in a kennel, we recommend you bring your own kennel as we do not provide any. 

What should I bring?

  • We want them to feel as comfortable as possible when they are away from home. We recommend to bring dog bed, favorite toy or blanket, anything that would help him feel more at home.

  • Dog food must be provided for the length of the stay. 

  • Please provide instructions, if necessary, on any feeding schedules, medications, allergies, or training regiments.  

Will you provide any updates or photos?

  • I will provide photo updates at the end of each day upon your request.

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